Tameshia L. Sexton,

CEO & Founder


Tameshia L. Sexton was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She is the Founder and CEO of Mesh Dollhouse. Mesh Dollhouse is a model management company and empowerment group for plus size women. Mesh has a heart of gold. She's has mentored over 150+ women to date and has touched dolls in 24 states in 4 years. 


Her passion and engagement speaks volumes! She managed over 100 models and has inspired people all over the country. She has given hope to a group of women in a society where people can be so negative. She communicates with her dolls on multiple subjects including modeling, life skills, entrepreneurship, the importance of SELF-LOVE, personal development, and confidence building.


Tameshia has also been published in several magazines and became a published author at only 18 years old. Something that is really amazing about Tameshia is how selfless she is. She has created modeling and networking opportunities for multiple women throughout the United States. She holds conference calls once a week to help her dolls develop personally and professionally. She regularly host empowerment events to ensure that women feel empowered through testimony.


Tameshia is on a mission from God to shift the mindset of how we view ourselves. "As long as you have breathe you can reinvent yourself, don't ever forget that!" - Mesh. Tameshia started this company from her own personal struggles with domestic violence and in four years Mesh Dollhouse has grown is known to be one of the biggest and black owned plus size companies in South Florida.

Mesh Dollhouse gives back! The company stands on the foundation of community service. For four years Mesh Dollhouse has partnered with Miami-Dade County Adopt-a-Road program. She currently partners with multiple Miami-Dade county public schools and domestic violence advocacy programs. Tameshia enjoys volunteering her time and services speaking to children ad women. 


Tameshia launched a mini troop that consist of girls from ages 5-17 years old (lead by her 10 year old daughter) and looks to start an after school program for inner-city at risk girls in the future. Tameshia currently participates in Career Days hosted by Dade County Public Schools, host monthly "Teen Talks" at Redland Christian Academy, and volunteers at the Annual Read at Dr. William A. Chapman Elementary School. 


Anyone that has come in contact with Tameshia can attest to her work ethic, pure heart, and her powerful testimony! She's truly a magnetic beam of light!

Mesh Dollhouse provides model management and empowerment to plus size women (sizes 12-44). "We challenge ourselves to boost their lives through health and wellness, modeling plus size apparel, motivational seminars, and events. We promote and encourage self-development, spiritual growth, and professional advancement. Our company will result in the increase of confidence, bravery, enlightenment, and personal growth within ones self.”

Mesh Dollhouse provides the following additional services, at request, for nominal rates:

Media Kits

Composite Cards

Model Resumes

1:1 Consultations 

Mentorship and Coaching

Spiritual Guidance

Social Media Audit (Instagram) w/ Consultation 

Motivational Speaking for Events 


It takes a certain level of confidence and selflessness to be the 1st! For Mesh Dollhouse it was put to the test in September 2018 when seven dolls made a decision to either step out in the forefront or don't step out at all! As a company we are honored that not only did they step up but they showed out!! Their boldness allowed us to create an everlasting billboard movement about self-love and reassurance. For this we call them the "Legacy 7even". These ladies passed the Billboard legacy on to the 2019 winners "Fab6ix".In 2020, we crowned the "Royal 8". And in 2021 we welcomed the "ELITE 12" to the family!


Our Billboard is all about self-love and reassurance. All of the winners (previous and current) represent our brand with such authenticity, passion, and dignity! This opportunity isn't just about the Billboard; it's about networking, building your brand, sisterhood, self-love, and standing for something bigger than yourself!


Elite 12, how is the Mesh Dollhouse Billboard experience going for each of you? 

"This by far has been one of the most empowering and amazing moments of my life that I have experienced this far. I thank God for this opportunity in being a part of the Elite 12 and aligning me with awesome women of power, empowerment, and influence. This experience goes far beyond the billboard, it was a vibe and total plus size movement to be reckoned with." - Latonya Spates

"Thus far Mesh Dollhouse has motivated me to start two new businesses in two months. I've gained 11 sisters, and the gems Mesh gives are everything you need to remain coachable. She's so Elite" - Romekia Brown

"Exhilarating.. Is the first word that comes to mind when I think of the billboard experience. The power of alignment and sisterhood is heavy with these women. I'm honored and elated to have been chosen to stand amongst 11 other powerhouses. I thank God for connecting me to such a grand movement and I'm excited to see where it goes from here! #WhatsNext" -Catina Smith

"This experience with Mesh Dollhouse has been nothing short of amazing! I gained a tribe of sisters who root for me and together we push each other to become the better versions of ourselves. What we need we have in each other and our sisterhood will last a lifetime. It feels great to be a chosen one #shessoelite!" -Jasmine Weldon

"Never STOP dreaming! The very thing you DESIRE today can become your REALITY tomorrow!!! No is not always the final answer. Go back and strategize. Watch God turn that no around & it’s ON!! Billboard baby" - Latosha Hubbard

"Being part of the Elite 12 was amazing. It felt so good to work with amazing women coming together having a great time and enjoying each other accomplishment. Genuinely." - Teresa Baldwin

"My experience with Mesh Dollhouse has been nothing short of exceptional. I've learned the true purpose of being empowering while being empowered by 11 beautiful, spirit filled sisters. I am forever honored to be a part of the Elite 12" - Angela Bryant

"Words can’t express the feeling of making the top 12 aka Elite 12 for the billboard. Many experience this once in a lifetime. We made a bond, sisterhood, and were able to reach out to others wanting to define who they are. It’s been a unimaginable journey. Now we have the privilege to testify to many others to tackle the once in a lifetime dream! - Rhonda McTyre

"I have learned a lot! Working along side of some powerful women has been an amazing experience. I’m so thankful for this sisterhood. Who would have known that my life would change for the better. We pray together, mentor each other, support each other. Mesh Dollhouse has changed my mindset on how I should live my life. This is my Winning Season, I’m walking in my purpose from this day forward." - Zenobiah Smith

"Let me start by saying this experience was the most amazing. When I was selected as one of the #ELITE12 🎉, I was blown away and overwhelmed by immediate love and sisterhood that came with it. I felt instant connections with my sisters and we build on that bond more & more still. Mesh has been a great inspiration to my life. I'm continually tapping in to all the knowledge and gems she is providing us and all of social media. She is the THE BEST accountability coach EVER.....along with all my #ELITE sisters. They are always tapping in, showing support, attending events. Being a party of Mesh Dollhouse has been a blessing to my modeling career, I am more professional in my dealings, finding my worth and value in this modeling industry and slowly growing my influencer following.
I can't wait to reunite with my sisters for my big day!!!! I love us #ELITE12" -​Brittnay Glover

My billboard experience was out of this world. Straight up amazing. People said I wouldn't make it and that it's not for me. Since the billboard, many doors have opened and it's helped my journey as a model with just being who I am. Being on this billboard has given me more confidence to push myself to accomplish my goals. I have sets for myself and my body confidence platform. My billboard experience is helping to tell my story about who I am and what I can do. - ​Denise Harris