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Mesh Monroe


Tameshia L. Sexton

Founder and CEO of Mesh Dollhouse


Heyyyy Dolls!


My name is Tameshia L. Sexton. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am an alumnus of Florida Memorial University where I received my bachelor's degree in Sociology. I am happy and in love with one of my biggest supporters, Byron aka Koli. Together, we are happy parents to three amazing children. Fun fact: Me and Koli met via Instagram in 2017 and our relationship started as a model-photographer partnership. Which later led to the beautiful love story we share today.


My journey of "life experiences" started at 11 years when I witnessed my domestic violence as a child. From there I found myself in the cycle as an adult and experienced two domestic violence relationships in a 10-year timespan (I was married for 7 out of those 10 years). I've always been confident, outspoken, a listening ear, motivator, encourager, and confidant to those around me so it was almost hard for some to believe that I had experienced this. Let's just say I look nothing like what I've been through!

Mesh Dollhouse is a mentorship/coaching program for women of color and also serves as an  empowerment/accountability group for plus size women.


Mission: "We challenge ourselves to boost their lives through mentorship, training, accountability and empowerment. We promote and encourage self-development, spiritual growth, and professional advancement. Our company will result in the increase of confidence, bravery, enlightenment, and personal growth within oneself.”

Mesh Dollhouse provides the following additional services, at request, for nominal rates:

One on One Consultations

Events: Motivational Speaking

Mesh Dollhouse Logo

By day, I hold over 15 years of Child Welfare experience mainly in Adoptions and Post Adoption services. Since 2020, I've solely been dedicated to Training and Development. Taking what I've learned from the Child Welfare system I launched a 2nd business specifically geared towards consulting and adoption services. As a certified trainer and life coach, I am fully equipped in identifying your winning strategy. 


I have mentored over 150+ women to date and have touched dolls in 25 states. I've been blessed to manage over 100 models and have inspired people all over the country. I communicate with my dolls on multiple subjects including modeling, life skills, entrepreneurship, the importance of SELF-LOVE, self-development, and confidence building. Fun Fact: I have also been published in several magazines and became a published author in high school at only 17 years old. 


I am a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. This is where community service as I knew it was born and instilled in me! Mesh Dollhouse stands on the foundation of community service and giving back. For 5 years I have partnered with Miami-Dade County Adopt-a-Road program. I currently participate in Career Days hosted by Dade County Public Schools, host monthly "Teen Talks" at Redland Christian Academy, and volunteer at the Annual Read at Dr. William A. Chapman Elementary School. I've also partnered with multiple domestic violence advocacy programs in the past. 


I am on a purposeful mission from God to help women shift their mindset and become the best version of themselves. I know it is possible because I did it! Within one year of my divorce I was able to find myself, attract like-minded people, and launched Mesh Dollhouse. Whether it's self-development coaching, confidence coaching, and/or entrepreneurship coaching, what you need is right here in the room! I've taken many leaps of faith during my life journey as a wife, mother, divorcee, student, career woman, and unwavering sister-friend. My ultimate goal is to help others identify their purpose, elevate to the next level, and truly become the best version of themselves.


It takes a certain level of confidence and selflessness to be the 1st! For Mesh Dollhouse it was put to the test in September 2018 when seven dolls made a decision to either step out in the forefront or don't step out at all! As a company we are honored that not only did they step up, but they also showed out!! Their boldness allowed us to create an everlasting billboard movement about self-love and sisterhood. For this we call them the "Legacy 7even". In 2022 we welcomed our 4th and largest billboard class “Majestic 4Teen.” This opportunity and experience is like no other so get ready as we prepare for the 2023 billboard class!

ALIGNMENT and BELIEF brought all these ladies together! All of the winners (previous and current) represent our brand with such authenticity, passion, and dignity! This opportunity isn't just about the Billboard; it's about networking, building your brand, sisterhood, self-love, and standing for something bigger than yourself!

We could try to explain why this experience is like no other, but we will leave that to our previous winners. Ladies, how has the Mesh Dollhouse Billboard experience been thus far for each of you?

“I’m going to start by saying the Mesh Dollhouse billboard experience was a blessing for me. After working hard to become apart of it after 3 years I was blessed to be picked for Majestic 4Teen. Being teachable was what got me to where I am today. If it weren’t for Mesh and her brand, I wouldn’t be sticking to what I love. She led and gave us advice to become a better us and for this I am grateful. I now take the steps I need in fulfilling my dreams that I’ve been working so hard towards.”- Briana Chanel

“The Majestic Fourteen Billboard experience was an awakening for me. Through this experience, I learned that I am truly in charge of my destiny. This experience is more than the Billboard. This experience is built on becoming the best version of yourself by gaining sisters and a mentor to keep you accountable. I'm glad I was chosen to be apart of the majestic fourteen and decided to invest in myself alongside the Mesh Dollhouse brand.” - Chrissy Taylor

“My experience with being a part of Mesh dollhouse Billboard Class of 2022, as a Majestic 4Teen, was exhilarating. My top three moments were the magazine shoot, the reveal party, and going to view the actual billboard with everyone! It made me proud of myself for taking the leap, stepping out on faith, and betting on me. I learned some valuable lessons and grew not only mentally, but emotionally from this experience. I also gained new sisters who absolutely inspire me! Just remember when you bank on yourself, no one can steal your blessings!” - Kandise Wesley

“I’m on a billboard y’all! OMG, where do I start? My experience was everything! #Empowerment #Sisterhood #Mentorship #Coaching from the GOAT. From not knowing what to expect, to the tears after seeing the billboard for the first time, being a part of this movement was, well let’s just face it, it was #SoMajestic (in my sisters’ voice). Thank you Mesh. Signed #DatGrrlDiamond” - Nydia Wells

“My billboard experience was life changing. It was a hard time for me but my sistas/mentors made me feel alive again and beautiful. Three major things I walked away with was accountability, learning to refill my cup and allowing the obstacles & pain to fuel my strength so my lessons can be my blessings. #majestic4teen.” - Ciera Brown

“My Mesh Dollhouse billboard experience was great! I met 30 amazing women #top30. I gained 13 sisters and our bond is continuously growing. It's a life changing opportunity. It’s bigger than a billboard.” - Andrea Tyson

“Taking the step to be apart of the process to be selected as Majestic 4Teen was one of the best choices I made in life. Actually being selected was a privilege I’ll forever be grateful for. The process alone helped me to elevate as a person and in other areas of my life.” -Niquitta Wolfe

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