CEO and Founder of Mesh Dollhouse


Tameshia L. Sexton,

CEO & Founder


Tameshia L. Sexton was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She is the Founder and CEO of Mesh Dollhouse. Mesh Dollhouse is a model management company and empowerment group for plus size women. Mesh has a heart of gold. She's had over 140+ women come through the company to date and has touched 23 states in 4 years. 


Her follower engagement speaks volumes about her! She managed over 100 models and has inspired people all over the country. She has given hope to a group of women in a society where people can be so negative. She communicates with her members on multiple subjects including modeling, life skills, entrepreneurship, and the importance of SELF-LOVE and confidence.


Tameshia has also been published in several magazines and was published as an author at only 18 years old. Something that is really amazing about Tameshia is how selfless she is. She has created modeling and networking opportunities for multiple women. She holds conference calls once a week to help her models develop personally and professionally. She regularly holds workshops to ensure that women feel empowered through testimony.


Tameshia is on a mission from God to change the way plus size women view themselves. Tameshia started this company from her own personal struggles with domestic violence and in four years Mesh Dollhouse has grown is known to be one of the biggest and black owned plus size companies in South Florida. 

Mesh Dollhouse gives back! The company stands on the foundation of community service. For four years Mesh Dollhouse has partnered with Miami Dade County Adopt-a-Road program and currently partner with multiple companies for domestic violence advocacy programs. Tameshia enjoys volunteering her time and services speaking to domestic violence survivors and children. 


Tameshia launched a mini troop that consist of girls from ages 5-11 years old and looks to start an after school program for inner city at risk girls in the future. Tameshia currently participates in Career Days hosted by Dade County Public Schools and The Annual Read at Dr. William A. Chapman Elementary School. 


Anyone that has come in contact with Tameshia can attest to her work ethic, pure heart, and her powerful testimony!

Mesh Dollhouse provides model management and empowerment to plus size women (sizes 12-44). We challenge ourselves to boost their lives through health and wellness, modeling plus size apparel, motivational seminars, and events. We promote and encourage self-development, spiritual growth, and advancement. Our company will result in the increase of confidence, bravery, enlightenment, and personal growth.”

Mesh Dollhouse provides the following services, at request, for nominal rates:


One on One Model Coaching 

One on One Model/Branding Consultation 

Social Media Audit (Instagram) w/ Consultation 

Model Resume

Comp Card 

Media Kit

It takes a certain level of confidence and selflessness to be the 1st! For Mesh Dollhouse it was put to the test September 2018 when seven dolls made a decision to either step out in the forefront or don't step out at all! As a company we are honored that not only did they step up but they showed out!! Their boldness allowed us to create an everlasting billboard movement about self-love and reassurance. For this we call them the "Legacy 7even". These ladies passed the Billboard legacy on to the 2019 winners "Fab6ix". And in 2020 we crowned the "Royal 8". And in 2021 we are welcomed the "ELITE 12" to the family!


Our Billboard is all about self-love and reassurance. All of the winners (previous and current) represent our brand with such authenticity, passion, and dignity! This opportunity isn't just about the Billboard; it's about networking, building your brand, sisterhood, self-love, and standing for something bigger than yourself!


Royal 8, how was the Mesh Dollhouse Billboard experience for each of you? 


"This by far has been one of the best experiences of my life. Firstly, I’m grateful for the honor of being apart of Mesh’s vision. Secondly, I was in the presence of 7 other beautiful women who share the same passion of empowerment."- Marla Johnson  


"Thus far, my experience has been nothing short of amazing! It’s feels like a dream come true. I can’t wait to experience the plethora of opportunities awaiting." - DeQuandra Mathias 


"Thus far with the Royal 8 I have learned to keep pushing no matter what because there is someone beside you cheering you on. We just mesh together like we have known each other for a long time." - Monique Dior


"The Mesh Dollhouse movement has been the most exhilarating and fascinating experience in my life this year. The younger version of me, having had low self esteemed and being bullied, would have never imagine as a grown up that I would be empowering women by magnifying my strength and value on a billboard!" - Dakotah Shari


"I learned that women empowerment is a force that can change the world! I realized that being a part of the #Royal8 is just the beginning of our reign!"- Charmain Guerrier




"This experience has allowed me to show children to never give up on your dreams. I’ve also gained 7 amazing friendships that will last a lifetime, because we just mesh!!" - Isabella Simone 


"Working with the Royal 8 was an empowering experience. I am honored to be a part of this sisterhood and will continue to grow and support each woman in her endeavors." - Anita Yvette