This Kit Contains:

1 - HSN
1 - Rejuv
1 - Infinity Oil
1 - CBD Essential Soap


Hair, Skin, and Nails, Oh My!
Our daily, multi-functional supplement to target healthy hair, skin, and nails. Six vitamins and important minerals boost nutrition to support how your hair looks, skin feels, and nails grow.* HSN can give them a boost from the inside out!

Rejuv Body and Face Spray

Feed your Skin!

Rejuv is a refreshing and soothing skin mist formulated with hemp oil extract and a powerful combination of all-natural botanicals designed to support the health of your skin. Enjoy this non-greasy body and face spray delivered in a pleasant mist providing up to 1mg of THC-FREE CBD per spray. Rejuv is superfood for your skin! 

Infinity Oil

Better Skin for A Better You
Moisturize, soften, and protect your skin with Infinity Oil, the 100%-natural way to pamper your skin while avoiding chemicals! Our all-natural ingredients promote healthy skin and joints. Includes antioxidants and Vitamin E.

CBD Essential Soap

This rich and moisturizing CBD infused soap gently cleanses away dirt while leaving your skin with a subtle scent of lavender. The calming and homeostasis encouraging CBD oil combined with the soothing and relaxing lavender scent will help you begin or end your day off right!

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Beauty Kit


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