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Tameshia L. Sexton

Founder and CEO of Mesh Dollhouse


Heyyyy Dolls!


I was born Tameshia L. Sexton but many know me as “Mesh Monroe.” I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am an alumni of Florida Memorial University and have a BA Degree in Sociology. As a Mentor and Accountability Coach , I have developed a 360 coaching program that help my dolls develop realistic goals  and plans focused on their overall well being. 


In addition, I have the professional training, communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills you need to ensure you are well served and will see the results you desire. I have over 7 years of experience, focusing on the development and identification of individual and team strengths. I am a devoted wife, mother of three, entrepreneur, woman of faith (but I do curse lol) and motivating Mentor/Coach.


I am looking forward to working with you and helping you identify your "next level of elevation".

What is Mesh Dollhouse?

Mesh Dollhouse is a mentorship/coaching program for women. Mesh Dollhouse provides strategies and solutions that help women elevate in all areas of life. My goal is boost women’s lives through accountability, goal setting, personal development training and empowerment. We encourage personal and professional advancement. With my team’s help and support we see an increase of confidence, bravery, enlightenment, and personal growth within each woman we personally work with. 


The coaching program was curated based on a 360 coaching model that I personally created. The 360 dynamic consists of 3:1 mentor/mentee ratio. So, instead of a member having one coach she’s blessed to have three! This is what sets us apart from others.


Mesh Dollhouse is a notable organization that provides a structured learning environment guided with training/coaching provided by Founder & CEO, Mesh Monroe. As a member of Mesh Dollhouse you will have access to 2 training calls, 1 engagement/empowerment call, 1 coaching call monthly.


The bonus is you’ll be joining a community of like minded women who are are also pursuing their personal and professional goals. That’s right, you not going through your journey alone. Membership is annual based and is very hands on mentorship program. Therefore, only 30 women are allowed to be active at one time in the company. This puts Mesh Dollhouse in an elite status as the returning rate in 2022 was estimated at 95%. Enrollment is open based on availability. The women in the company are serious about the dreams and goals which creates a different level of motivation and momentum within the group. This is what I am proud of most! 

Mesh Dollhouse Training and Coaching


During the coaching process, myself and your assigned mentors and accountability coach's complete attention and focus will be on you and your assigned team. The coaching process is designed to help you achieve your personal and professional gools with support and guidance. Accountability is our best friend around here so get ready to be pushed! I will provide a teaching style forum for you to establish your goals. I will ask powerful and probing questions, offer different perspectives, while helping you achieve what you want most in your life. Everything we discuss as a group or on on individual bosis will be confidential. Remember, Mesh Dollhouse will always be in your corner with your best interests and your agenda at heart.


What you can expect from this 360 coaching program? To be heard • Reflect/mirrors back to you • Different perspectives • Structure • Assist in setting goals, planning and strategizing • Hold you accountable for what you want to achieve • The truth • Two training calls/month (via Zoom) • Monthly engagement call • Monthly coaching call • Follow up from mentors/coaches on all goals you'll discuss.


What will I expect from you? • Make your weekly calls a priority • Come prepared for every call • Provide feedback and let me know how the process is working for you • Be willing to stretch beyond your comfort zone.



Imagine getting fired from your job without notice in April 2022 due to a social media post! But the real flex came in August 2022 when you stepped out on faith to take on your 6 yr business as a full time entrepreneur! And because you’re not afraid to share your story you’ve been booked and busy 10 months straight as motivational speaker! Welp, that’s the story of my life! And I dived in head first!


In September 2022, I birthed the idea of the Mastermind Tour. After a 20 minute conversation I came up with a plan and started executing with purposeful action!


The first Mastermind was held in January 2023 with the first spot being Dallas, Texas. As of December 2023 over 300 people in 9 cities attended the Mastermind Tour!! 


Moral of the story, your gift will make room for you! But you have to make a decision to JUMP and get outside your comfort zone. Always remember, when one door closes there are more doors up that hallway that are waiting to be opened. 

As of today, I've mentored over 200+ women in nearly 25 states. I’ve inspired thousands of people all over the world through motivational speaking with my raw, uncut and unfiltered approach. People genuinely love the authenticity and passion I bring into the room! I provide coaching using unique accountability strategies and goal setting techniques. My passion is driven by my purpose!


The definition of an empowered woman is one who understands the strength of her being and the power she possesses. After experiencing adversity and abuse I knew I had to be that woman who uses her power to create opportunities for other women like me. Women empowerment is so important for our culture because we are spiritually linked through a sense of purpose and are responsible for holding each other ‘s hands through the journey. I am my sister's keeper!

The information that follows is designed to answer some frequently asked questions and provide a better understanding of Mesh Dollhouse structure and coaching processes.

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